Before users accept the VidLike service, please be sure to read the Terms and agree to this statement. Users' indirect use of VidLike services and data through various methods will be deemed to have unconditionally accepted all the contents of this statement; if users object to any of the terms of this statement, please stop using all services provided by VidLike.

1£© In the process of using the VidLike service in various ways, users must not use VidLike directly or indirectly to engage in violation of laws and social morality in any way.

2£©VidLike only provides mobile video storage management services for users. VidLike does not save any video to the server. All videos are stored locally on the mobile phone. The video saved from the network is played and downloaded by the user. VidLike only provides the service transferred from the cache to the storage. The user is unaware of the use of the video operation VidLike and is responsible for the saved video. If the dispute arises, the user shall bear all legal and joint liability. VidLike does not assume any legal or joint liability. VidLike is not responsible for any reason that you may not be able to use VidLike normally due to network conditions, communication lines, third-party websites, or the requirements of the management department. VidLike does not assume any legal responsibility.

3£©Videos on YouTube are not supported by VidLike due to their Terms of Service.

4£© We also use third party analytics tools like Umeng and collect data about what users download and how to use our application. This data is not used for any targetting or recommendations, neither is it shared with any other sdks. It is also not linked to any personal info like email address or IP address. The purpose of such analysis is knowing what is trending in various regions and for improving user experience.